[ANN] INTER-Mediator 5.2 has been released.

Discussion created by matsuo on Aug 23, 2015

INTER-Mediator Directive Committee is happy to announce the immediate availability of INTER-Mediator 5.2.

INTER-Mediator is a web development framework supports FileMaker Server and PDO (MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite).


INTER-Mediator 5.2 supports Record Copying and LDAP Authentication for PDO, fixes the file upload component to prevent move_uploaded_file() NULL byte injection in file name (CVE-2015-2348) for PHP 5.2.x and PHP 5.3.x (CVE-2015-2348 was fixed in PHP 5.4.39, PHP 5.5.23 and PHP 5.6.7). And INTER-Mediator-Server Virtual Machine Version 5.2 has been released, too.


About INTER-Mediator-Server Virtual Machine (Japanese)


INTER-Mediator is licensed under the MIT license.

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