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Web Direct Going Crazy

Question asked by AllegroDataSolutions on Aug 24, 2015
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I built a number of layouts to be accessed via Web Direct in a client's solution. All web users have the same account name, password, and privilege set. Since Web Direct doesn't allow the account name and password to be specified in a URL to login the way IWP used to, I set the file options to automatically login every user with the web account and password. The menu is hidden from web users. Staff members can access the scripts menu, which lets them login with their own accounts. Web users have to enter values into three global fields shown on the startup screen - their company name, the password they chose when they set up their account, and the rep's name. The company names are shown in a dropdown list. When the company name and password have been entered, a script is triggered. With the window frozen, the script finds the company record and populates the value list for the third global field, showing all the reps for that company. When the rep is selected, the user presses a button that goes to a layout that shows only his company's record. From there, the user can navigate to company records in other tables. This arrangement has been working fine until now.


Over the weekend, I uploaded the beta of a new build. I didn't change anything to do with security or the startup script. The only changes were that I saved all modified objects on all layouts to new styles and updated the changes to the themes used in the solution. Now it opens normally from with FileMaker, but FMS refuses to login with the web account and password. It sometimes displays a dialog asking for the user to manually enter the username and password -- but entering them has no effect -- it still doesn't login with the web account name and password. However, if you cancel the dialogs (and keep canceling them every time they display) you can manage to manually type in values for each field, then press the button and get into your company record (whereupon everything else works fine).


This is a hassle for the user because he has to keep dismissing dialogs and distressing because it indicates that something is going wrong. Its also less accurate, because most companies only need to use the database a couple of times per year and they don't always remember the exact wording of how they entered the company name and their own names (Did they include their middle name? Did they use their initials?)


I'd like to know what's going on and how to work around it.