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If I omit a recordset in a loop I miss the next recordset - what is the trick?

Question asked by on Aug 24, 2015
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Hi there,


I have a loop that runs through some Contatcs to omit some of the current selected recordsets that do not match a certain marker. If there are e.g. two or three recordset one after the other that do not have that marker my script (see below) omits the first recordset but jumps over the next one that should be omited.

I tried to set in the If-EndIf (Wenn-Ende(wenn))  a step to go to the previous recordset (thought this would do the trick, but it did not work). How is such a task solved - where is my logical misperception?





Gehe zu Datens./Abfrage/Seite [ Erste(r) ]

Schleife (Anfang)


    Wenn [ Trimme ( Contacts::Marker ) = "" ]

   Aktuellen Datens. ausschließen

    Ende (wenn)


    Gehe zu Datens./Abfrage/Seite [ Nächste(r) ; Nach letztem beenden ]

Schleife (Ende)