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    'un-checkable' checkbox in a portal


      Can anyone suggest why a checkbox in a portal might have become 'un-checkable'.  I have a FM13 database and was using a checkbox & script combination to select items from a master list.  The portal used to work fine, however, it now doesn't allow me to change the check-box selection from blank to 'X'.


      The basic architecture is a table containing the Master List records, one of the record fields is 'Include' which can store a Boolean value.  On a related layout I have a portal which displays records from the Master List, with the 'Include' field linked to a checkbox.  Users were able to select multiple portal rows using the checkbox and then using a 'commit' button they activated a script which created a report containing all selected records.  For some reason, when using my Mac (FM Pro 13 Adv) I cannot check the checkboxes, bizarrely when using the database on iPad with FM Go it all works as expected.


      Thanks in advance, David


      FM Pro 13 Adv

      MacBook Pro 17 (2009 model)

      OSX 10.10.5 Yosemite

      iPad Air2 / FM Go

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          Some things to check:

          • When testing on FMG vs FMP, are you sure you're working on the same layout, same records, etc?
            • If yes:
              • Is the related record locked by the other user? (For that matter, how does this work if two users are marking master records at the same time?)
            • If no:
              • what's the value list on your checkbox? 1? "Yes"?
              • Is your checkbox coming from the right TO? Could it have been copied from elsewhere and be pointing to an unrelated TO?


          Chris Cain


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            Thanks for taking the time to reply.


            The answer is Yes - I was on the same layout and there was only me logged in as Admin, because the database is still in development.  I hadn't used it for some time and then found that it had stopped working when I ran it last week.  The functionality had been fine the last time I opened it and as far as I was aware, nothing had changed since.


            I have a script that loads the master list from a excel spreadsheet so I deleted all records and reloaded them and now it is working again I presume there must have been, as you suggested, some related record locking happening in the background although I don't understand how - to be honest, I still haven't got my head round the correct use of table occurrences and I am sure the troubles I have with FM are, in some part, founded it my lack of understanding of this fundamental concept.  Hopefully at some point I will find a good 'TOs for Dummies' type of resource to help me see the light.