FM Go reconnect - data plan charges?

Discussion created by mardikennedy on Aug 25, 2015
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Let's say a user is in a wifi hotspot and using a hosted db, that might include some chunky consumption.  (For the moment, let's not get distracted with latency issues.)  User walks away and the connection drops.  Outside of the hotspot, auto-reconnect occurs (theoretically).


Question:  does the further usage default to the user's mobile data plan (ie no longer that wifi hotspot), without any warning?  (In the Aust environment, if the auto-reconnect occurs, this would seem likely but I could be wrong; it may function differently elsewhere, with different service providers.)


It seems more likely to me that the feature would be provider-agnostic and therefore that there would be billing implications. (FTR, a while back I was downloading an iOS update; forgetfully went out to buy milk; ended up with a significant bill.  The provider was very nice about it, plus I changed plan but it made me realise that someone else could have the same kind of problem.)


In this case, I'm trying to guesstimate potential user dissatisfaction (bill shock followed by venting to me), before any adverse event has actually occurred.  So nice to sidestep problems if at all possible!