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WebDirect - cost for connections

Question asked by Markus Schneider on Aug 24, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2015 by CarstenLevin

this was discussed before and I got the impression that the cost per connection doesn't seem to be a factor..


Yesterday, I discussed a possible webd solution with a customer who needs about 15 connections (3 packs, maybe 4) - but mostly, the traffic would be relatively low, the solution itself would be simple - but effective.

They are also in discussion with another company that does php/websolutions - and I'm out.. the licence fees (plus, the hardware for this  kind of usage has to be replaced, probably..) are almost over the budget (with a server and 3 connection packs and a few clients for inhouse work).


Would be very nice. if there would be another licence-model - the 'concurrent' model does not fit here (maybe 2 times a year high traffic, the rest of the year low traffic)