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    could not be opened not found



      could not be opened not found


      I recently converted a multi-file database from FM 6 to FM 10.  Now, when I run a script, I get and error message as follows: "<filename> could not be opened not found".  When I click "OK" I'm taken to a dialog box where I can select the path to my original file.  How do I correct the file reference so it stays permanently?

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          Steve Wright

          Go to File > Manage > External Data sources


          You should find a reference to the file in there.

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            Open Manage | External Data Sources...


            In the list this brings up will be one or more references to a file by either the wrong name or wrong file path. You can edit the reference (or delete and add a new reference ) to fix the incorrect file path.


            If you haven't accessed this part of the system in filemaker 10, be prepared to find a lot of "dead wood" and duplicate references left over from your original file. Also, don't delete any references here without either saving a copy first and then doing a lot of testing or use Filemaker advanced to produce a database design report where you can search out all cases where a given data source reference is used.

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              I figured out how to get to the External Data Sources, however, I'm not exactly sure what to do once there.  I find a number of references for old configurations, for example:





              Schedule 2

              file:/MassagePro80/MP Current/Planner.FM/Schedule


              Schedule 8



              I don't think I need 3 or more references.  How do I combine them into one reference without losing any relationships or other links?






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                Do you have filemaker advanced? Without advanced's ability to generate database design reports, this can be difficult to impossible to do.


                Using advanced:


                Rename a file reference you want to delete to something very noticable like xxxschedule 8xxx.

                Generate a DDR and use the text search tool to find all instances of xxxschedule 8xxx. As you find each instance, update them in your filemaker file to use the reference you want to keep. WHen you can generate a DDR where xxxschedule 8xxx is only listed in the external sources table, it's safe to delete it.


                Without using advanced, I'd just edit the entries for Schedule, Schedule 2 and Schedule 8 to just be file:Schedule. It's safer than removing an external reference--only to find a part of your system is broken, days, weeks later when you run a different script and it happens to contain a reference that you missed.

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                       Is there a way to fix this with files running on iOS 7?


                       Having the same problem finding files that are actually up and running.  When I field or script is related to another file, a message shows that the file cannot be opened or found because it is alrerady in use...  I click to find the file, and the same problem occurs, and get the same message, unable to open or find the file.