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    "?" Coming Up in Calculation Field



      "?" Coming Up in Calculation Field


      I am sure the answer to my question is simple, I just don't have the time to keep searching for this answer. I created a simple calculation field where it calculates the difference of the input of two previous fields (eg. Field C = Field A - Field B). Instead of coming up with an answer in the Field C box, however, it just shows a "?". When I click in the Field C box, the correct calculation comes up but then it goes right back to a "?" when I do something else. Also, I use this field (Field C) for another calculation (Field C*Field D=Field E) and Field E comes out with the correct output. Why is the question mark coming up and how do I get the actual numbers to show?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Make the field wider and the question mark will disappear. The ? is FileMaker's way of telling you "I can't display this value". It happens either because the field is too narrow (data formatting may add currency symbols or additional zeroes) to display the value or the math used produced a calculation error such as dividing by zero. The fact that you can click into the field and see the correct value is the key indicator that all you need to do is make the field wider in order to display the value.