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"Add" button for many-to-many related record

Question asked by tunesmith on Apr 2, 2014
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"Add" button for many-to-many related record


     Hi, I know I can add a related record to a portal just by filling out the blank row, but for usability reasons I'd rather do it with a button that would pop up a friendly form.

     I have a first cut of it now, a button that launches this script, below.  Can anyone check my work and suggest any improvements or tell me if there's any gotchas?

New Window [Name: "New Widget"; Height: 500; Width: 400; Style: Floating Document]
Set Variable [$customer_id; Value:Customer::id]
Go to Layout ["Widget" (Widget)]
New Record/Request
Set Variable [$widget_id; Value:Get ( RecordID )]
Go to Layout ["CustomerWidget" (CustomerWidget)]
New Record/Request
Set Field [CustomerWidget::customer_id; $customer_id]
Set Field [CustomerWidget::widget_id; $widget_id]
Commit Records/Requests []
Go to Related Record [From table: "Widget"; Using layout: "Widget" (Widget)]
View As [View as Form]

     Details: From a Customer, this creates a new related Widget.  "Customer" has a customer_id field; "Widget" has a widget_id field; and they are many-to-many related through a "CustomerWidget" table that has a customer_id field and a widget_id field.  The tricky part is that I wasn't quite sure how to accomplish creating both the new Widget row, *and* the new CustomerWidget row in one process, so that's the workaround so far.