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"All In one" School Management Database

Question asked by GarrettHoughton on Mar 27, 2014
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"All In one" School Management Database


     Hello, I am new to file maker and I was wondering if anyone could give me tips for creating an all in one database.

  1.           I would like to create an all in one school management database with a admin side and teacher side.
  3.           For the admin side, i want to include course scheduling and other functions a school administrator would do
  5.           For the teacher side, i would like to have a gradebook and options to create attendance and submit work order requests if possible.
  7.           I want certain people to have access to certain things. Like the IT department would have access to the work order requests, and asset inventory etc.
  9.           Admins would have access to student schedules, grades, attendance and print reports etc.
  11.           Teachers would do grading and attendance and submit work orders
  13.           Administrators would also do work order requests.

     Sorry for all the questions but, i was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. Thank You!