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"Allow this value?"

Question asked by KenBublitz on Mar 28, 2011
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"Allow this value?"


Part of my data base is a field "service provided", which has a list of services I provide with check boxes. I often have to make small additions/notes to items on the list using the "other" option in the list. When I do so, I've always get this prompt:

“service provided” is defined to contain only specific values. Allow this value?

In the past I just clicked yes, and that was it. But since I upgraded to FM Pro 11, after clicking yes, I get an upside down mirror image of the services provided value list added to the bottom of the layout (this is in browse mode). If i click on edit layout, its gone, and when I exit edit layout its gone. Not a big deal, more annoying than anything. But why is it happening?