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"Comments" field information is limiting to 4 rows

Question asked by ArturAnd on Apr 26, 2013
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"Comments" field information is limiting to 4 rows


Hello dear forumers,

     I have browsed through the forum searching for the answer, but I still can not handle the issue, though I thought that maybe it is time to turn to you this time.

     We are currently using the workers ID database template granted by the FileMaker program. Until recently we didn't needed to insert information about worker containing more than 4 rows in the "Comments" section. Now, when we found, that more information has to be inserted, the comments field is limiting us to the rows count and inserted information can not be printed nor exported to pdf for the further usage outside PC. 

Question is, how do I alter the number of rows in the comment field to be exported/printed?

     I will strongly appreciate all of the upcoming help.

Kind Regards,