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"Communication with the host was interrupted..." timeout value?

Question asked by IanBlackburn on Feb 23, 2010


"Communication with the host was interrupted..." timeout value?


I have a looping script running on a robot machine (and the reason why it's running on a robot instead of as a server-side script is fodder for a screeching, profanity-laced tantrum that I'll spare the community since I've come to accept what I cannot, and Filemaker will not, change). Regularly, maybe every two or three days, I'll get that "Communication with the host was interrupted..." message, and I'll have to manually restart it.


I've duly googled around for a solution, and it looks like everything & its uncle could be the culprit (network latency, NICs in the host or server machine, routers, switches, psychic waves from space aliens), to the point that the problem is basically unsolvable for all practical purposes. I was wondering, though, what's the timeout interval after which the FM file decides that communication was interrupted, and is it possible to increase it?