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"Conditional" Conditional Value Lists

Question asked by Scott Van Nostrand on Feb 11, 2015
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"Conditional" Conditional Value Lists


I'm trying to make a search screen that uses a "variable" conditional lists. In other words, think like this. I have a Search layout that has conditional value lists for Customer, Project, Project ID, and Serial Number. All of these data elements are located in the same table and I've created a self joins to make the conditional lists work - as long as you work from top down, Customer first (from a list of many), then Project (from a filtered list of "Customer"), Project ID (single entry - matches Project) then serial numbers (list of many per Project).

Is there a way to make the previous drop down list conditional so that if I wanted to search by Project ID only, I just selected that drop down and it displays all project IDs, then I can select one of that Projects' Serial Numbers from the Serial Number field. Click go and it does the find.