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    "Contacts" Starter Solution Labels Layout Problem



      "Contacts" Starter Solution Labels Layout Problem



           Using the Starter Solution in FMPRO 12 called "Contacts" I have conditionally formatted the Work Address & Home Address Tabs (in the "Contact Details" layout) to color the tab label's text green IF there is anything in the "Work Address 1" field or the "Home Address 1" field.
           Since you can only see EITHER the Work Address OR the Home Address at one time (in that layout) this color change let's me know if the currently unselected tab has any data or not. If both are empty, they remain white; if one or the other has info, that tab ("Work Address" or "Home Address") is green; if both have info, they are both green.
           Question: Can I use this conditional formatting (the green "state") to do the following.
           When I go from the "Contacts" layout and try to use the "Labels" button, the default setup for that layout appears to be configured only for the Work Address fields. 
           As a result, if a contact only has Home Address info, this gives me EMPTY LABELS with only the contact name.
           What I would like to have the "Labels" layout out do (of course) is print ANYTHING THAT HAS ADDRESS INFO, whether it's work or home…or both! (i.e. Green)
           Does anyone know if this is doable and how to do it?

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               How would you fit both work and home addresses on the same label?

               Conditional formatting or calculation fields could be used to, say show the home address when the work address fields are empty, but I would think putting information from both sets of fields on the same label would be problematic.

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                 By "both" I meant two separate labels (obviously).

                 I have a database of app. 1,000 contacts. Most are home addresses. A handful have both work and home addresses.

                 The "Contacts" Starter Solution's "Labels" Print Layout references ONLY work addresses.

                 I would like to print labels containing whatever address info is present in a given record (or several records in a found set).

                 As I had already figured out how to do the conditional formatting mentioned originally, I guessed that maybe it would help solve the label printing issue.

                 As you say, perhaps a calculation would be a better/different way to go.

                 The problem is I am a noob and don't know how to do it.

                 I know this kind of thing is tiresome for board experts (and I am trying to resort to training etc. to get up to speed) but I don't have much time and thought I'd make an inquiry here.

                 If this is inappropriate or can be rephrased or posted elsewhere, please advise.

                 Thank you for this (and another reply to another question you answered elsewhere.)


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                   Your comments and questions are completely appropriate here. In fact, this forum is something of a "new users" forum. For those with the needed skills and experience to dig deeper, there's also TechNet here on FileMaker's web site. But keep in mind that for those of us offering assistance, we often have a very incomplete understanding of either your database design, your needs or both and so we will have to ask questions before we can suggest solutions.

                   The problem with printing the work address on one label and the home address on another label for the same contact in the same print job is that your labels layout is limited to a different record for each label. The best way to achieve what you want is to change the design of your database so that your address info is entered into separate records of a releated table. Then you can perform a find or use go to related records to pull up a found set of those address records and now you have a home and a work addres on different records (linked to the same contact) and printing both is not a problem

                   Using the current design, it may be simpler to make a duplicate labels layout, switch the fields on one of the layouts to refer to the other set of address fields and then do two print jobs, printing once from each layout. You can do a constrain found set just before the second print job to drop out contacts that do not have an address in those fields.

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                     I think I understand you.

                     I was trying to puzzle out how to create a calculation field to put in the "Labels" layout in place of the merge (?) fields (things with << and >>, like "<<Work Address 1>>", "<<Work City>>" etc.)

                     But your answer is easier.

                     I am not sure that I know what "a constrain found set" is exactly but I think I get the drift. But if I was going to do that as you say "before the second print job to drop out contacts that do not have an address in those fields," don't I also have to do that for the first print job (let's say the 1st print out is the layout with Work Addresses and the second printout is the Home Addresses), in order to "drop out contacts that do not have an address in those fields" as well?

                     Don't want to waste labels needlessly!

                     Thanks again for all your help.

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                       To constrain a found set, you enter find mode (either manually or in a script) specify some find criteria and then use constrain found set instead of perform find to apply the search criteria only to what records are already in your found set.

                       Whether or not you have to do a 'constrain" for  that for the first print job depends on how you have recorded your data. If all contacts have the first address and only some contacts have the second address, then you can perform a find for contacts to get those you want for your labels, print them, change labels layout, constrain the found set to omit those that do not have a second address and print again.

                       If some contacts only have the second address, then you'll need to perform the same find twice--but with different criteria such that contacts with no address in the specified address fields are omitted from the found set.

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                         Okay, I'm with, will do.

                         Happy Holidays!