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"Contacts" Starter Solution Labels Layout Problem

Question asked by MatthewScott on Dec 23, 2012
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"Contacts" Starter Solution Labels Layout Problem



     Using the Starter Solution in FMPRO 12 called "Contacts" I have conditionally formatted the Work Address & Home Address Tabs (in the "Contact Details" layout) to color the tab label's text green IF there is anything in the "Work Address 1" field or the "Home Address 1" field.
     Since you can only see EITHER the Work Address OR the Home Address at one time (in that layout) this color change let's me know if the currently unselected tab has any data or not. If both are empty, they remain white; if one or the other has info, that tab ("Work Address" or "Home Address") is green; if both have info, they are both green.
     Question: Can I use this conditional formatting (the green "state") to do the following.
     When I go from the "Contacts" layout and try to use the "Labels" button, the default setup for that layout appears to be configured only for the Work Address fields. 
     As a result, if a contact only has Home Address info, this gives me EMPTY LABELS with only the contact name.
     What I would like to have the "Labels" layout out do (of course) is print ANYTHING THAT HAS ADDRESS INFO, whether it's work or home…or both! (i.e. Green)
     Does anyone know if this is doable and how to do it?