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"Digital Signature" or approval

Question asked by ShawnAmann on Aug 4, 2010
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"Digital Signature" or approval


In my organization POs need to be approved before being submitted. Currently I created a pdf that the admins fill in, email to the appropriate person who sign with a digital signature and email back. Fairly automated, but as I am adding Purchasing functionality to my database, I want the ability to have it without adobe being involved. 

I do not need an actual signature, just an approval. So for example the admin would create the PO record. The approver would be able to see a list of pending POs and approve them.

How I imagine Filemaker handling this based on what I have come across so far is Perhaps just a check box they have to click, and a field that captures the user & timestamp of the approver. Without the check box being filled, the admin would not be able to print or export the record, etc. The check box would only be able to be accessed by a particular privilege set. 

Is this a viable way of doing things. Is there a better solution within filemaker, or perhaps a cheap plugin?