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    "Disable" Tab selection



      "Disable" Tab selection


      I'm using multiple tabs to create "alternate" views for a particular layout.  I want to control which tab is displayed based on a script.  I've already created the script and it is working properly.  The problem is that the tab controls are still there and even if I place another object over them to "hide" them, the tabs can still be clicked on and selected.  So even if the script takes me to the correct tab, an errant click can select a different tab.  Is there a way to trick FM into making the tabs "unselectable"?

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          Best "trick" I can think of is to eliminate the actual tab control and replace them with separate layouts that look like your different tab controls. Then you can turn your current tabs into buttons that run a script which only change layouts if conditions permit the change in layouts. Some of the starter solutions use this trick so that it looks like you have a single layout, but clicking the tabs are actually taking the user to a different layout.