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"Dynamic" Conditional Value Lists

Question asked by Scott V on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2014 by philmodjunk


"Dynamic" Conditional Value Lists


     Phil helped me get my conditional value lists (CVL) working just fine but now that has created another opportunity to perplex me. 

     Is there a way to turn off a CVL if the "parent" value is not selected? I use a single table of customer names and withing that single table are multiple entries of projects related to those customers. I added a TO of this table and set up the CVL on the project name that works great when a customer is selected. However, I sometimes want just a distinct list of all project names to be selected (when no customer is selected.  

     It's a search screen so I want the user to be able to select customer, customer and project name, or just project name.

     Is it possible to dynamically change the "Values from:" value for Project Name based upon the current value in the Customer field?