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"E-mail could not be sent successfully"

Question asked by tpk309 on Nov 3, 2009
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"E-mail could not be sent successfully"




We're using Filemaker Pro 10 Advanded, Filamek Pro 10 and Filemaker Server 10 Advanced. Mainly on Windows, one on Mac.)


Our database used to send e-mail trhough a SMTP server (one without authentication, just IP and port)


Suddenly, after one week-end, any script trying to send a mail started display the error "Your e-mail could not be sent successfully.


The network admin say that nothing has changed on the mail server or on the network.


Is there a way to get more information avout the reason of this error.


What also looks strange is that the server itself is able to send e-mail, for example to say that a script has bugged. But no mails can be sent via SMTP through script ...


Thank you for you help.