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"File not found" message from host file when accessed by client file

Question asked by ScottRohlfing on Feb 20, 2012
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"File not found" message from host file when accessed by client file


I have two data files, one is a host on FM11 being accessed remotely by the client file residing on other machines including FMGo. I have records in the host file that contain fields that contain auto-enter lookup values from a related field in the client file. (The purpose of this is to create duplicate records that have been created by clients).

The problem is the FIRST time the client creates a new record in the host file and inserts a value into the related field, the host database can't find the client to lookup the value. I get a dialog box saying file not found and then have to manual select the file after which it works great. Any new records created after that will work just fine as the host now knows the location of the client apparently.
So my question is this, is there some way to tell a remotely accessed host database the location of the client that it has the relationship with in a script so that the user doesn't have to manually tell the host where the client is the first time? I understand how to manage external data sources with known locations, but you never really know where the client will be therefore I need a way to tell the host without the user being interrupted with the dialog box, "The file <filenamehere> could not be opened. (not found)" the first time its accessed.