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"FileName" is Currently in Use and cannot be Opened.

Question asked by giametti on Jun 25, 2014


"FileName" is Currently in Use and cannot be Opened.


     I've bungled my way into this situation. I get the error when trying to import records from an older file to newer empty file. From a thread in FMForums back in 2005 it was mentioned that the situation comes from file sharing. I believe I did it by running occasional checks of my Mac file using Windows Filemaker under Parallels which may have marked the file as a Shared file in some way.

     I've tried most every way I can think of to undo this, but no success. I have file sharing turned off, shut down Windows and Parallels, copied files to a new folder.

     Any thoughts on how to undo the situation to free up the file so I can run the updating script?