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    "Filtered" Value Lists



      "Filtered" Value Lists


           Hi All,

           This is driving me batty.

           The relationship here is simply Shops to Job via a fixed and a calculated value. The Job record always carries the value "1" in it's key field and the Shops records carry "1" if their status is "Active" and zero if not.

           The portal works perfectly but I can't get a popup menu to exclude the zero key record. In this case Shop 4 using the same relationship.




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          My favourite way to make a filtered value list doesn't involve relationships at all. Perhaps you could try this. Create a calculation that will return the shop name only if it's active. Then, build your value list based on it. Of course, ultimately, you'll probably want a 2 field value list, in which case your new calculation field will be the 2nd field.
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                 Thanks Mathew,

                 That works a treat and keeps overheads down. Nice and simple.



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                   Glad to hear Peter;

                   Just remember that this technique will only work when your calculation can be stored.  Whenever your calculation becomes unstored, it can no longer be used in a value list.

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                     Thanks again Matthew,

                     Funny you should mention that. I just wasted a few hours attempting a work around on a relationship for that very same 'unstored" reason. I'm doing some serious grunt work so easy to overlook the basic rules when you are doing bulk.