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"Find" is not working

Question asked by ccarr on May 16, 2011
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"Find" is not working


We are creating a database of lectures performed in our classes at the university.  We enter records on a layout with fields for:  Lecturer Name, Lecturer ID, Topics, Course, Date & Amount Paid.  This is one table.  We have another table with the lecturer's demogrphic information.  The tables are related through the Lectuer ID.  We have a portal on the demographic layout, which shows, the topic, course, date, and amount paid per individual lecturer and is data is pulled from the first layout where the information is entered.

The lectuer, topic and course fields are drop down boxes based on value lists created.

The Problem:  We can use the "Find" on all fields except for the topic.  The "Find" on this field will not work on the field entry layout nor the layout with the protal.