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    "Find" problem



      "Find" problem


      I am having confusing results in a FIND.


      I have a calculation field.  When I do FINDS using known results of the calculations, it will find some of the results, but not others.


      For example, the calculation results in one of the following:  "Reuse", "Turned In", or "Not Assigned".

      I've got a value list assigned for each of these results, to use for finds. 


      If I select "Reuse" it finds all the records that say "Reuse".

      If I type in "re" it does not find anything.

      if I select "Turned In" it does not find anything.

      If I select "Not Assigned" it does not find anything.


      What did I do wrong? (I've double checked that the calculations and the value list are both spelled the exact same way.) 



      I should mention I'm on FM 10.3, on a Mac.