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"Ghost" lines remain after exiting a field.

Question asked by lylewood on Apr 21, 2010
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"Ghost" lines remain after exiting a field.


I just recently upgraded to Filemaker Pro 11.  I am running it on an Asus machine, running Windows 7 Premium x64 system, i5 quad processor @ 3.2 ghz, 8 megs of ram, 1 TB hard drive. 


I am experiencing an annoying problem (which I think I remember seeing on version 8.5 before also).   After exiting a field, there remain "ghost" border lines where one or more of the borders of that field are.   This is a simple and straightforward database I have set up, in fact, all of my databases seem to exhibit this annoying characteristic.   If I scroll the window past where the ghost border lines appear, they will be gone when I scroll back to the original position. 


Has anyone else seem this problem, and if so, are there any fixes for it?


Thanks for any help and suggestions.

 - Lyle