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"Go to Field" NOT Working

Question asked by AnnieT on Jan 29, 2010
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"Go to Field" NOT Working


Hi there!  I am usign FileMaker Pro 10 on Windows XP with FileMaker Server.


<!-- GALLERYINCLUDE -->I have been working on this problem for several days trying every variable I could think of that might be affecting this issue but have no idea what is going on. 

Whever I use the "go to field" function in a script it does NOT work. I even tested it with the simplest of scripts...having it be the only step...and the result is always the same. It does not put the user in the specified field...instead it puts them in the field AFTER the specified field.

Does anyone have any ideas at all about why this would be happening? Is it possible there is a bug? Something I overlooked? Something really simple? Has anyone ever had this problem? I've searched on the web for it but haven't found anything else related to this issue.  I've checked all my table occurences and fields to make sure they match up.

Here is a detailed example:

I made something very simple to test it out. A layout with source table "Contacts" with only three fields on it from the same occurence "Contacts."

All fields can be entered in browse mode (they are name_first and name_last and source). There is no tab order set up. My script has only one step "go to field[Contacts::name_last]" and it is triggered OnObjectExit from the name_first field. When it runs, instead of landing the user in the target field, it puts you in the one after it, in this case the source field.

I added a pause/resume script step after the "go to field" and it appears that the cursor does actually go to that field, but once the script finishes (I hit continue) I end up in the source field.


What is going on??


Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!