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"Hard coding" a reference to an external database

Question asked by misterg65 on Aug 20, 2010
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"Hard coding" a reference to an external database


Now I have one database containing my lesson plans, and others containing the specification ("syllabus" as it used to be called) amongst other things. I want to show the specification aims in the planning overview, but this aim may cover one lesson or several. I am trying to find a way to directly reference the given record, similar to using "=[Workbook2]Sheet1!$A$1" in Excel. (see attachment)

Can this be done, or do I need to rethink my layout?

In actual fact, I really want to link to one document that points to several others, but babysteps :)

Thanks in advance


Mark, who hoped "Filemaker11: The Missing Manual" would have arrived from Amazon by now!