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    "Hard coding" a reference to an external database



      "Hard coding" a reference to an external database


      Now I have one database containing my lesson plans, and others containing the specification ("syllabus" as it used to be called) amongst other things. I want to show the specification aims in the planning overview, but this aim may cover one lesson or several. I am trying to find a way to directly reference the given record, similar to using "=[Workbook2]Sheet1!$A$1" in Excel. (see attachment)

      Can this be done, or do I need to rethink my layout?

      In actual fact, I really want to link to one document that points to several others, but babysteps :)

      Thanks in advance


      Mark, who hoped "Filemaker11: The Missing Manual" would have arrived from Amazon by now!


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          Report an Issue is intended for reporting issues (possible bugs) that may require FileMaker inc. to correct in a future update or version release. Posts like yours are better served when posted to the FileMaker Pro forum (See tab above).

          Feel free to keep replying to this thread in order to get the help you need, but please keep that fact in mind for any future questions you might have.

          That "missing manual" will likely help you out quite a bit. ;-)

          In filemaker, you can establish any number of relationships that link a record in one table to one or more records in another table. It can be a table in the same file or a table in separate files. It can even be the same table (called a self join.)

          Given that you are new to FileMaker, you may find it much simpler to set this all up in the same file.

          Now to more specific suggestions:

          Much depends one what you've defined so far. If you have a field in the Main Databaseset up as an auto-entered serial number, you have a field that will unqiuely identify each main database record. You can then set up a relationship that links a record (think a row) in the syllabus database to one in the Main database.