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"Hide Object" not working as it should with global values

Question asked by StevieP on Jul 17, 2015
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"Hide Object" not working as it should with global values


I've been wrestling with this problem for ages now. Basically, I have a layout with a Tab Control with three different tabs. What I'd like to do, is hide or show certain elements outside of that Tab Control according to active tab. I created a global value called $$activetab which contains the number of the active tab.

For the object which I want to hide, I used a simple calculation to hide it when anything but the second tab is selected:

$$activetab ≠ 2

According to the data Viewer, this returns value "1" so it works fine yet Filemaker will not hide the object, ever. If I use another expression, it works but Filemaker seems to dislike the use of globalvalues.

Is there a fix for this? Or could someone verify that this is a bug? Thanks in advance!