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"If field > 0 " not working with some decimal values.

Question asked by KingsPawn on Mar 26, 2009
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"If field > 0 " not working with some decimal values.






Just look at that.

I can be trained to do simple things.

Like not typing your name in all caps.


App kase ho:manvery-happy:  


FM 9 Advanced

Microsoft PC running XP Pro

In Manage Database screen the field (ScoresAggsScores0 ) is TYPE Numeric.

In the Options for field screen in the AUTO-ENTER Tab the only item checked is CALCULATED VALUE.

The calculations is: ScoresAggsScores0  / 1000.

The “Do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty.”  Is checked.

There is a warning/comment: Calculation result must be Number. 

On the Validation Tab I have ticked the Only during data entry radio button.

I have checked the Maximum number of characters: Check Box and entered 5.

I have checked the Display custom message if validation fails and entered “Opp’s”. 

On the Storage Tab I ticked the Indexing All radio button.  

I have not touched the Furigana Tab.


In a Script I have the step:

“If[ScoresAggs::ScoresAggsScores0 > 0]”           

Show Custom Dialog[“Debug Message”;”This score is greater that zero”]

End If
Finally I get to the problem: 

If I have any value in the field from .001 through .122 I do not get a hit on the message.

Actual data tested .012 .096 .111 .122

For values above .122 it works fine. 

When I use Specify Calculation screen in the script builder the Warning/Comment on the screen displays:

Calculation result must be Boolean 

Non-zero values are true, zero and empty values are false. 


I set the field up as Numeric but when I reference it, it looks like it thinks it is Boolean. 


What do you think I have done wrong?