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"Insert File" without overwriting existing files

Question asked by PatrickBrunetti on Aug 30, 2010
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"Insert File" without overwriting existing files



I'm new to FM and i'm trying to set up a relational database. I have one table acting as the main page for company management, then a tabbed interface with a portal for storing documents. When I insert documents by right clicking the container field, it inserts the docs to a seperate related table via the contact ID field of the company.

I tried making an insert file button to make it easier, and it worked by setting the button condition, but it always overwrites the existing file with the new one. Is there a way to automatically create a new record for the file by assigning the company id?

It's really frustrating me.. I tried making a script to make a new record and set the field as the main's company id, but the id never posts and the file just sits in the new table with new relations to anything.