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    "Labels" <<Text>> on Invoice starter solutions



      "Labels" <> on Invoice starter solutions



      Can somebody explain how to create "labels" as are in Company Dashboard layout. When clicking on it, it looks like text tool : <<Total SQL>>, <<Current Month Name>> .  It's used in Customer Details layout in <<Company>>

      In inspector there is nothing id Data section -> Display data from. I found only in script that there is some calculation for fields in Company dashboard Table.

      It is used also in popover button for company name, displayed as <<Company Name>> 




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          These are merge fields used to "flow" layout text and the contents of fields smoothly together into a read only block of text. You can click the text tool, add some text to your layout and then use Insert from the Insert menu to insert a merge field into the layout text at the location indicated by your cursor. It's pretty common also for developers to use merge fields when they don't want the field to be editable, but there are easier/better ways to do that using the behavior section of the Inspector's data tab.