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    "Locking" records



      "Locking" records


      Is it possible to "lock" records after they have been entered?

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          Yes and there is more than one way to do it and more than one level of a "lock.

          What will determine that a record is ready to "lock"?

          Exactly what kind of "lock" scenario do you have in mind?

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            Once all Production records have been entered for a Product and the information has been reviewed for accuracy.

            All I need is fields to be un-editable.


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              And Do you have a field with a value that identifies that "all production records have been entered"?

              Are you locking production records or a Product record?

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                Currently I have a "Reviewed" radio button set (Yes/No).  I would like to close a product or "FE Number"  as we call it, an FE record would have several production records attached to it, one for each shift.

                FE_ID1 ------->  Prod_ID1 - First Shift

                FE_ID1 --------> Prod_ID2 - Second shift.... and so on.           

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                  Does this mean that once "Yes" has been selected in the Product (FE) record, it and all linked production records should be locked? DO you just want to lock the production records, or ???

                  And since you show different ID fields for each shift, I have to wonder if you really have multiple production records for one FE record or just one record with multiple match fields. (otherwise, you should be able to use the same match field for each shift's production record).

                  and maybe that "Reviewed" field is in the Production record rather than the FE (Product) record?