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"Make,Model,Year" type Portals

Question asked by RaymondMedon on Mar 5, 2012
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"Make,Model,Year" type Portals


I have 3 portals set up as tabs -eachwitha different name (tab.1, tab.2,tab.3). They are currently set up to "draw" from one database . I am trying to do a drill down to find the correct product. Each product file contains the following fields:

ProductID   TypeO   Type1   Type2   Type3

where all products in one category have the same number in type1, the models all have the same number in Type 2, the actual product wanted in Type 3. Type0 just has a "1" in it to make the main category menu on tab.1

Only works ONCE. I am passing variables to the next portal setup but still only works once.

Should I be using ANOTHER INSTANCE of the database for each portal? Seems to me that this method of drill down would be common among users of Filemaker.

If anyone could lead me through the steps on this I would really appreciate it!