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"New Window" script -- something's screwy....

Question asked by firth5 on Aug 23, 2011
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"New Window" script -- something's screwy....


I have a simple script that opens up a new window, then goes to different layout.

New Window

Go To Layout

The script is used on a layout in which I have a summary of lots of data.  The layout is in list view, sorted by record ID number.  if you want to see more detail on that record, you click the ID # field which is also a button that runs the above script. This opens a new window, and goes to the ID detail layout in Form View.  The new window should open THAT ID # record in form view.

It works flawlessly on 2 different summary layouts.

On several other summary layouts, using the exact same script, the new window does not open to that ID record, but instead opens to the first record in the found set.

In all occasions, I am staying within the same table for the basic layout.

What gives?