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    "No Labels Installed" (Filemaker Pro 12 issue)



      "No Labels Installed" (Filemaker Pro 12 issue)


           Trying to get Avery label templates set up for my Mac install of Filemaker Pro 12. I've been using Filemaker for decades and recently have needed to set up labels; however, the dialog box says "No Labels Installed".
           Predictably, Filemaker support is no help and sends me links to tech support articles that have nothing to do with the issue.
           Does anyone know where I can mine a labels plugin from off the installer CD or elsewhere? Or is it only available during a full install?

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               The labels file should have been installed when FileMaker was installed. The exact file varies with the locality specified for the installation.

               On my Windows 7 system, the file path is: FileMaker 13 Advanced | Extensions | Labels

               I would expect a similar set up on your Mac system.

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                 Was just coming back here to post the solution; thanks, Phil.

                 I'm not sure why the v12 upgrade did not keep the Labels file, or why it eradicated it, but a friend on another forum just pointed me to this:


                 That was the solution -- I found the file noted (LabelsUS.flb) buried in a previous version (v11, which I zipped and stored on an off-drive backup). I set up a new "Labels" folder in my v12 extensions, moved the LabelsUS.flb to it, and relaunched, and there were all the Avery templates.
                 A little bit of tweaking and the one I needed (5163) printed without issue. Saved me a ton of time -- it was a simple fix once I knew what i was looking for.