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"Not In List" event [script]?

Question asked by MikeF on Nov 4, 2011
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"Not In List" event [script]?


 Have numerous drop-down lists and popup menus.

In Access, when you enter something into a validated field that is not in the drop-down list, it becomes an "event" entitled "Not In List".

I attached vba code to that event that ..

 - Opens a dialog box asking if you really want to add that entry to the list.

 - If you click OK, the code opens a form that would "feed" the list, where what you initially typed is added as a new record.


Works perfectly when say, you don't have a city listed.

... Just opens the "Cities" form, inserts a new record [CityID or in FM terminology __kp_CityID] and copies the city name into the appropriate text field City.

Is there an equivalent to this routine in FM Pro 11 ...?


 - Mike