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"Paid" Invoice?

Question asked by stufigler on Jul 2, 2010
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"Paid" Invoice?


I do some work for a small record company, currently using an old version of Accountedge for invoicing, sales, inventory, basic small business stuff.  Since every time we have a sale we then go to Filemaker to enter the information into our database, we're looking into just using Filemaker for all the sales stuff . . cut out a big step.

We were looking at the Business Productivity software and it has almost everything we want except one thing. When we sell a CD, someone has already sent in payment.  When we fill in the invoice, we need to enter their payment so that the balance is "zero." For the life of me I couldn't find a setting for that anywhere. Is this a script I would have to create, including an income account and lots of other minutia?  I'm not great with Filemaker scripting and it seems sort of strange that there's nothing built in to apply a payment to an invoice, or shipping, or a discount, or whatever.

Any advice would be wonderful,