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"Perform Find" Issue using script...

Question asked by productionQC on May 16, 2013
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"Perform Find" Issue using script...


     Hello - I am using a simple script :  

     Enter Find Mode []
     Set Field [products::productname; products::searchenter]
     Perform Find []
     Contrain Found Set [Restore]

     My problem is this.  We are given products with sample names that are a combination of letters and numbers eg:  304E100A,  304E100A5, etc.  When the user selects a product code from a dropdown menu attached to products::searchenter at the top of an associated layout in table view, the above script is activated and the table is populated with the find results.  However, it does not provide the exact match.  If the user selects 304E100A, the find brings up all tests with that product number, but it also brings up 304E100A5.  It does not seem to make an exact match in the find, bringing in other items that have a different last digit.  So if you ask for 100, it would show 100A, 100B as well.  Why is this happening and how do I make sure it is an exact match.  I have done this in the past without problems...Why now?