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"Phantom" fields in a layout!

Question asked by gregew on Aug 27, 2014
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"Phantom" fields in a layout!


     I modified a template layout for a report (can't remember from whom I received it), and there are several invisible fields that when clicked on trigger a Sort.  I can make their outlines appear and can adjust their size (I've also been able to give them a black outline to make them visible), but when highlighted nothing appears in the Inspector except their size and position--there's no Button script and I can't delete or change them.  I can see what kind of Sort has been programmed into them by clicking on one, and then opening the Sort dialog window via the Menu bar, which then reveals the Field that it sorts on appears.  I try to change the field sort there, but this Phantom field resists all attempts to edit it.


     I've highlighted one of them and attached the screen grab so you can see what I mean.  I've dragged the fields off the layout.