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    "Planning Chart"



      "Planning Chart"


      Hi Experts,

      I would like to create a planning chart like shown in attachment.  The number of steps in the planning are fixed and the end date is based on a field in FM but the exact length of each step can be "colored" manually.

      Any idea how this could be set up in FM?

      Thanks in advance for your input!



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          Relationships linking to different records with colored rectangles stored in container fields or calculation fields selectively returning different container field contents with a container result type might work for this.

          Conditional formatting or "hide object when" (fileMaker 13 only) settings could also serve.

          But will each field for a quarter always be either fully white (empty) or fully colored as shown in your example?

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            Hi PhilModJunk,

            Yes, each quarter in the line will be either fully white or fully colored.  

            Knowing that I also use FM 13, what would be your approach?  Do you by any chance have an example that I could use as guideline?

            Thanks in advance for your additional input!
            Kind regards,


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              Finally I used a portal combined with conditional formatting and it works really perfectly!