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"Preserve external container storage" incredibly slow

Question asked by jnouwen on Apr 3, 2014
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"Preserve external container storage" incredibly slow


     We recently migrated from 360Works SuperContainer to using externally referenced FileMaker 13 containers so I was excited to see the release notes for FileMaker Pro 13v2 saying there was now the "option to skip re-importing external container storage and, instead, reuse existing external contents during records import between FileMaker databases".

     The problem is, this is ridiculously slower than just copying the full container contents.

     Here's my setup for the tests I ran.


  •           SSD drive, empty except for...
  •           ... non-served FileMaker file and it's "sidecar" folder of container documents           
    •                     Total documents size: 229GB
    •                     Number of records: 47,652



  •           Separate SSD drive, empty except for...
  •           ... non-served copy of the Source's FileMaker file created with a Save as Clone
  •           A script containing an Import Records step bookended by Get( CurrentTimestamp )           
    •                     The Import Action was set to Add new records
    •                     Auto-calcs were disabled in the import options
    •                     "Preserve external container storage" was toggled as necessary depending on which test I was running


     Running the script with "Preserve external container storage" disabled: 1 hour 6 minutes to import 229GB of document data

     Running the script with "Preserve external container storage" enabled: 8 hours 24 minutes to import 45.1MB of record data


     I'm currently running the enabled import again to make sure it wasn't a fluke, but it's running at the same pace as the 8.5 hour run.


     Shouldn't running the import without the actual container data being moved be significantly faster as opposed to 8x slower?