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"Purging" Deleted Records

Question asked by Monomax on Apr 17, 2013
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"Purging" Deleted Records & Reducing Overall Database Size



     The setting? Our primary database, which has swelled to 16GB (we've been busy). I have been given the task of cloning it, "spinning off" a replica of it and tailoring the replica to a specific "premium customer" of ours.

     I've done all the heavy work, and it functions just fine. I cloned it, converted it (it was FM11) to FM12, and uploaded it (the clone, which will be referred to from here on... the original is safe, don't worry) to the new FM12 Server we installed just for this subsidiary (this subsidiary will be handling this premium customer exclusively). So, I located the premium customer's records (approximately 150), seperated them, and then deleted the rest (5500+).

     So why is the database file _still_ 16GB large???!!

     I need to internet-ly transfer the database file to our subsidiary's new server (the one mentioned above is/was a test dummy... because of the physical distance, this all has to be replicated once I determine this works), which will take _days_ if I try to transfer 16GB. I was anticipating it being more like, well, 1GB tops. Even though the records have been deleted (and I don't want them back, trust me), it seems their "ghosts" are still there! Make the ghosts go away!

     How do we purge these deleted records and data, and reduce the file size of the database in question?