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"Recent Files" list issues

Question asked by Pixelpaddler on Jun 23, 2009
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"Recent Files" list issues


After using and programming MS Access for many years, I'm converting to FileMaker due to migrating to a Mac. So far, I've found FileMaker Pro 10 to be very powerful. I am, however, having several issues with the Recent Files feature. First, it has accumulated multiple, apparently identical entries for the same file. Second, I cannot clear the list of test databases that I have deleted. I have not found a way to do that short of editing the Preferences file. I have found it but don't want to start hacking away without a clear understanding of where and what to cut. I strongly prefer not to delete the entire prefs file and have to rebuild all my other preferences. 



1. FileMaker Pro should have the ability to show the paths of files on the Recent Files list.

2. FileMaker Pro should have a button, "Clear Recent Files List".


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