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"Referencing" to an Address Book record

Question asked by daverd on Jun 23, 2012


"Referencing" to an Address Book record


Recently, it was announced that "future versions of Bento for Mac, Bento for iPad and Bento for iPhone will discontinue integration with Address Book, iCal and iPhoto." (

As an owner and user of both a Bento and Filemaker, I found Bento's integration with Address Book to be of high value.  With its demise coming, I am looking for ways to have the same functionality in Filemaker - which is driver behind this post.

Is there a way for a FM field to "reference" entries in Address Book?*  I define reference to mean that the data entered into a FM field provides a link back to an Address Book entry.

I am not looking to duplicate the functionality of Address Book. I will do all data maintenance in Address Book.  Therefore, I don't need full sync'ing between FM and Address Book.  I just want a way to have a FM record reference a person or multiple people in Address Book.

For those not familiar with the Bento interface to Address Book integration, think of a container portal whose data source is Address Book.

Thanks in advance.



*I don't know if Mountain Lion's change from Address Book to Contacts means a change in underlying structure and therefore, the impact of my goal here.