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"Roll Over" records to the next academic year

Question asked by Christian on Jan 11, 2015
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"Roll Over" records to the next academic year


Hi All!

I have a database which lists donors (active, inactive), another database which lists students (active, inactive), and yet another which lists faculty and staff (active, inactive).

To start out with students, I'd like to find a way to "roll over" students to the next academic year, but to still have records of them from the previous year.  So, essentially, all active students, who will graduate on to the next grade will go from 14-15 academic year to 15-16 academic year on July 1 (or whenever the process is initiated). The same would go for faculty/staff, donors, etc.

How would I best accomplish this with FM?  I'm running the latest version of FMP Adv. I don't want to lose any database information from the previous academic year.  So maybe just duplicating all active records?

Thank you!