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    "Rollover" on TABS Layouts



      "Rollover" on TABS Layouts


      I'm using FMPa 12.  I created a 6 TAB layout and put in the appropriate data.  I also changed the color of the line and TAB label attributes to a medium blue color.  

      When I roll the mouse over the TABS in Browse mode, the font changes and the label appears in black.  This appears to be true for all of the labels except the first (Default Front Tab) and the the TAB that is selected if it is other than the first TAB.

      I think that is fine if it is consistant.  Can that attribute be controlled?  I haven't found any way to do it yet.  Perhaps some of you out there have a clue as to what we can do to control this.



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          Interesting. They fixed something that I hadn't noticed with the v2 upate. In 12.01, this didn't work at all for tab panels. My tests show that any tab but the front tab will respond to this setting. My default tab also exhibits this responsiveness if I set it up for this.

          Here's how to set this for any tab panel, field, or button: Click the object to select it. On the appearance tab of the inspector, select "Hover" from the "state" drop down. Then select the appearance attributes you want to be applied when the mouse hovers over the layout object.

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            Thanks PhilModJunk.

            The 'Hover" thing is still not quite right.  I found that if one of the TABS is set to "Hover" a different setting, all of them exhibit that behavior except the Default TAB.  Anyway, thanks for the help.  Atleast I can turn it off now.

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              Setting the "hover" appearance properties for individual tab panels can be tricky. One has to be careful to select the tab panel and not the tab control before using the inspector to view and modify appearance settings. To be sure you have selected an individual panel and not the entire control, it helps to click the desired tab twice--but not so fast that it registers as a double click. You'll see a rectangle around the tab panel's label when the panel is selected.