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    "Running total" field



      "Running total" field


      Hi everyone -

      Do you know how i'd make a field which shows a calculated running total of a certain field in all records up to that point.

      Here's the application:

      I have a "tasks" database, and a few of the fields are the task to be performed, the priority from 1 to 5, and how long in minutes i expect that task to take.

      When I sort by priority, i'd like to have an additional field that shows how long all the tasks up to that point would take.  So it would look like this:


      Task         Priority       Time          Running total

      Do...A        High         10 min         10 min

      Do...B        High         15 min         25 min

      Do...C       Medium     30 min         65 min




      Can that sort of thing be done?