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"Save changes to this record" dialog box

Question asked by miw on Nov 1, 2011
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"Save changes to this record" dialog box


 Using Filemaker Pro with the "save record changes automatically" unchecked in my layout.  I have a script to control the entry of a new record on my layout, by pressing a button to lead the user to various aspects of the layout window.  The script direct the user first to a "name" field for input; if they tab out of the field it checks for a blank input (not allowed via scripting rather than in the field definition) and also checks for a duplicate input (also not allowed via scripting rather than in the field definition).  My problem is when a user clicks elsewhere in the layout where there are no fields.  At this point, FM gives me the "Save changes to this record" dialog box whose "Don't Save", "Save" and "Cancel" buttons mess-up my ongoing script operations.  Is there a way to turn this automtic FM dialog box off?  I saw one idea about putting an inactive web browser in the layout so that if the "apparent" background is clicked nothing happens but that fix does not work well for my layout.  Any other ideas?