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"Select All" in Filemaker Pro - is it possible?

Question asked by KnownFriend on Jun 21, 2014
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"Select All" in Filemaker Pro - is it possible?


     I have in my database a radio button that says "contacted July 2014".

     All the people in this database will be contacted at that date.

     So I'd like to check the radio button for all files.


     How can I select all the files in a database, so all the radio buttons on this field are getting checked?

     (Later I will add more files, and those later files will have the radio button "contacted July 2014" not checked - so I know they didn't get this communication.


     I have the Filemaker Pro 10 "Missing Manual" book and have read the first 300 pages. I couldn't find a way to select all files in a database.

     Tips and advice is much appreciated!