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"Select File" dialog for xml import

Question asked by djckai on Feb 2, 2010
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"Select File" dialog for xml import


Wow this has been hard to find info about.


I've been trying to set up a script that will be able to import an xml file with the minimum of effort from the user. We get an xml file emailed to us so it can be saved where ever the user wants. For this reason I would like to be able to have a dialog where the user can locate the file and it gets used. Like a "browse..." field and button.


I don't want to use the normal dialog for xml import because you have the choice of choosing an xslt and also it comes up with the screen to select which fields to import. The only variable that I want chosen is the file.


If this isn't possible then users will just have to remember to not change the file name and only save the file on the desktop.


This is for Filemaker 10 on OSX 10.5.


Thanks all